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CHEAPEST glass case – Matrexx 30 case unboxing

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Can you get a PC case with a tempered glass panel under 23 euros witch is 26 us dollars? I was planning my next build and searching for a new case. During Youtube reviews browsing session I’ve accidentally stumbled upon one video. One guy was checking out DeepCool Matrexx 30 case with tampered glass pannel for dirty cheap as low as 30 US dollars. I knew I had to look into this and see it with my eyes! It appears it’s even cheaper in my country – I’ve got this one for less than 23 euros (or 26 US dollars). Let’s have a closer look.

The packaging is a standard one – Matrexx 30 case is covered with a plastic bag and foam pannels from two sides. However, tampered glass is not covered with a film so you will not get that satisfying feeling when peeling it off. It’s a really compact case so a regular ATX motherboard will not fit, but most of the budget or even mid-tier builds use mATX motherboards anyway. Really nice to see a ridge on the back panel, especially since it’s a small case and we need that space for better cable management.

The front panel design is something similar to vertical raindrops. Nothing special, but probably it looks cool with an RGB case fan behind it.
And here comes a full-sized tempered glass side panel. At the back, we have an included exhaust fan. But generally, I would recommend adding an intake fan as well. At the bottom, we have a dust filter so your power supply could live a dusty-free-careless life. The top panel consists of power and reset buttons, one USB 3 and one USB 2 port, and headphone/mic jacks. Let’s move on and check what we have inside.

There are lots of cable management holes but they do not have rubber grommets. But again, I’m not expecting this in a budget chasey. As I mentioned before, there is an included exhaust fan. It has a 3 pin header and a MOLEX one in case you are short of fan headers on your motherboard. But keep in mind, when using MOLEX, a fan will spin at 100 percent and might get noisy. Also, I would definitely recommend adding an intake fan at the front of the case. Since it’s a very small case, the airflow might be an issue. I will definitely test this in the upcoming build video, but for now, I’m still waiting for some parts to arrive.

There are two DYI removable 5.25-inch and 3.5-inch drive installation positions and in total can install two 2.5-inch and three 3.5-inch drives.
But have in mind, there is 250mm and 2 slot GPU clearance, so in case you have a longer or thicker GPU, you might need to remove a 3.5-inch position completely. Top panel wires are long enough and you will not have any troubles regarding cable management with six zip ties included. So what’s hiding under a front panel – a dust filter for your future intake fan.

What can I say – everything looks good and having in mind you get tampered glass side panel – it’s awesome. I just can’t believe that for under 23 euros I can build a nice-looking budget system with such a side panel.

Soon, I will be building an ULTRA budged PC under 120 euros or 130 us dollars and I will be using Matrexx 30 case. (You can check the video here –

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Link @ Amazon

DeepCool Matrexx 30 –

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