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EPIC $1700 GAMING and STREAMING PC BUILD 2020 – Ryzen 7 3700 + RTX 2080 Super

Today we will be checking out on how to build this EPIC $1700 PC that can game, Livestream, and handle content creation easy. As well as we will be testing this monster in 1440p and 4k resolutions in 9 games and a few 3dmark benchmarks. So let’s get started.

This is one of a few high-end PCs I’ve built on Epic Game Tech. So I will walk through all the parts I chose for this build, you will be able to enjoy PC build time-lapse and of-course we will check it out on how this PC performs in different games and benchmarks.

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So, let’s start with a processor which is a 3rd gen Ryzen 7 3700x. It’s an 8 core and 16 thread CPU that is capable of a boost clock up to 4.4 GHz. While some modern games start to utilize 8 cores already, in most cases 6 core CPU is enough for gaming.
But those additional 2 cores will definitely help you out when using it for content creation or streaming your gaming sessions. It comes with a quite nice-looking Wraith PRISM cooler that features some RGB lightning and is capable of cooling 8 core CPU.
3700x is an unclocked processor, just like all of the Ryzen lineup, meaning you can overclock it if you wish to. But in that case, I suggest getting a better air or a liquid AIO cooling solution.

Moving forward, we have the best all-around motherboard MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX. It’s the best value/performance motherboard you can get. Even though it’s not an x570 board that is significantly more expensive,
Tomahawk got super good reviews from many known Tech YouTubers and tech blogs. It has no probs handling Ryzen 7 3700x or even Ryzen 9 3900x in case you decide to upgrade your CPU later on.
Tomahawk is an ATX form factor motherboard so in case you want a smaller mATX best value and performance motherboard, I suggest looking into MSI b450 Mortar that is basically the same board just in smaller form factors and is even a bit cheaper.

Since Ryzen loves high-speed ram I’ve got 16 GB kit of HyperX FURY clocked at 3600mhz. 16 GB is definitely enough for gaming and streaming but in case you are really serious in content creation workloads, you might consider getting 32GB kit or a few 16 GB kits.

Next, we have storage. And we will be using Crucial P1 1TB NVME SSD. It will be our main drive for windows OS and frequently played games. This is one of the best value for the money options at the moment.
P1 provides really nice speed bump over the traditional SATA SSD at pretty much the same price. While 1 TB could seem a lot, we will be also using 2TB 7200rpm Seagate BarraCuda mechanical drive.
It will provide additional storage for your games, videos, or any additional files you might want to store in your PC.

For the graphics card, I’ve got Palit RTX 2080 Super GameRock Premium edition. It was one of the most insane deals since the sale price for this one was around 600 us dollars.
Anyway, it’s the second-fastest GPU you could get and it definitely has no probs running games at 1440p high refresh rate or 4K high details gaming.
As well as you can utilize its Cuda cores in video content creation software like Davinci Resolve and it will speed up your work process dramatically.
Since there is no other competitor at this performance range, there is no alternative except its bigger brother RTX 2080 Ti. And big NAVI from the AMD side will probably show up just at the end of 2020.

And we get to the power supply. Initially, I was planning to go for a be quiet! Straight Power 11 power supply. but it was out of stock like many other power supplies at this time.
But Corsair PSUs appeared to be relatively available and so I’ve got Corsair RM750x. This is really one of the best power supplies with a Gold certificate.
750 watt is just where we want to be with a similar build and it has a bit of headroom for any future upgrades you might have.

We have a similar situation with PC cases and lots of them are just out of stock. And so we ended up getting Cooler Master MasterBox MB520 RGB. It’s quite a nice-looking case with a tempered glass side panel and included RGB fans at the front.
It’s really nice case for its price and I’m planning to make a separate unboxing video where I will present pros and cons of this case. And so when it will be ready, I will link it at the top right corner.

Even though our case has a few RGB fans, I’ve decided to add a few more since it looks way better. So I’ve removed a non-RGB rear fan and used three additional DeepCool RF120m fans.
They are really nice looking ones as-well-as they cost like two times less than let’s say Corsair fans.

So this is how a full part list looks like and we sit around 1700 us dollars. Even though I mentioned I’ve got RTX 2080 Super for an insane deal, I’ve included a regular price here, just for you guys to have a better picture on regular prices.
And you will find all the parts linked in the description below.

Alright, it’s time to build this beast!

Nice, I really enjoyed building this particular pc. I had some challenges regarding RGB control and all of that, but eventually, it’s done.

Alright, let’s jump into the benchmarks.
First up we have a few 3DMark benchmarks – Fire Strike witch is using DirectX 11 and a bit more demanding one Time Spy running on DirectX 12.

Let’s dive into some game benchmarks. I’ve tested this EPIC $1700 gaming and streaming PC build in 1440p and 4k resolutions and used Ultra presets or the highest settings available in each game. Let’s start with some esports battle royale titles first.

First up we have Apex Legends and in 1440p we got an average of 113 frames per second while in 4k around 73 fps on average.

Next up we have Fortnite. And in 1440p it was running at 104 fps on average and in 4k it was falling below 60 fps bar. But it was definitely ok and having in mind it’s on Epic settings, you can get much more fps using high or medium preset.

War Thunder is another battle royale game and using movie settings in 1440p benchmark I’ve got a solid average fps of 200 and in 4k, 123 fps on average.

CSGO is the least demanding esports title and that reflects in fps. This time, I’ve used a special benchmarking map to evaluate games performance and in 1440p CSGO was running over 340 fps on average.
Even in 4k, we got an average of 223 frames per second.

Following that was GTA V and in 1440p in-game benchmark I’ve got 130 fps on average and 72 fps in 4k.

The Division 2 is definitely more of a demanding title, especially from a video card side. And so in 1440p Ultra settings it had no probs and the benchmark was running at 76 FPS on average while in 4k it was struggling to maintain 60 fps and gave us 43 fps on average. And so you would need to step down your settings to the High-Medium range to maintain over 60 fps in 4k.

The most demanding game I’ve tested was Assassins Creed Odyssey. Even in 1440p using Ultra-high settings, in-game benchmark average fps fell below 60 and in 4k it was around 39 fps on average.
Basically, you do not need 60 fps to play this game, but you could definitely use High settings instead and gain more frames here.

Next up we have Shadow of the Tomb Raider. In 1440p we got 93 fps on average and in 4k, 51 fps on average, which is ok having in mind I was using the highest settings.

And the last title I’ve tested was Far Cry New Dawn. The numbers are really nice here and so in 1440p we got an average of 94 frames per second and in 4k benchmark was running at 60 fps on average.

Alright, so there you have it all the parts I’ve used and benchmarks for this Gaming and Streaming PC Build. Sure, It’s more of the premium side PC build and for a 1440p gaming only you could get with Ryzen 5 3600 and RTX 2070 Super, but in case you want to play games in 4k and stream your sessions those additional two cores on a Ryzen 7 and extra performance on RTX2080 super will last you longer especially when new games are getting more and more demanding.

That’s it for today’s PC build and in case you want to get EPIC $1700 gaming and streaming PC build, you will find links in the description below.

I hope this guide was useful and in case you liked it, subscribe to our YouTube channel so you do not miss upcoming PC hardware unboxing / Gaming PC build and guide blogs.

And see you soon.

PC Part List

CPU – Ryzen 7 3700x (US) (UK)

Motherboard – MSI B450M Tomahawk MAX (US) (UK)

RAM – HyperX FURY 16GB 3600MHz (US) (UK)

SSD – Crucial P1 1TB (US)
An alternative – Sabrent Rocket Q 1TB (US) (UK)

HDD – Seagate BarraCuda 2TB (US) (UK)

Fans – DEEPCOOL RF120M (US) (UK)

Graphics card – Palit RTX 2080 Super GameRock Premium (US) (UK) – white

Cheapper RTX 2080 Super models (US) – Asus (US) – Gigabyte (UK) – Zotac (UK) – Gigabyte

PSU – Corsair RM750x (US) – Out of stock (UK) – 650w

Thermaltake (750w) (US)
Thermaltake (650w) (US)
Cooler Master (750w) (US)

Case – Cooler Master MasterBox MB520 RGB (US) – MB511 RGB (UK)

Cables – DEEPCOOL PSU Cable extensions (US) (UK)

Disclosure: EpicGameTech gets a small commission when you purchase something via our Amazon links. It doesn’t cost you anything extra since that comes from Amazon’s end. So, please be aware, the links provided to Amazon are affiliate links.

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