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NZXT H510 WHITE – PERFECT GAMING PC CASE FOR $70 – Unboxing / Review / Quality / Pros & Cons

Oh man, it’s quite a pc case to see. As in my last Gaming PC video I’ve used one of the most minimalistic style and quite an awesome case for around 70 bucks. And that is non-other than NZXT H510.
It features a tempered glass side panel, USB type-c front-panel connector and tons of additional features, so get ready, steady, go.

Recently I was building $1000 Gaming PC. And it was quite a challenge to pick a good-looking, quality PC case that is available in my country and would fit a budget.
And to my surprise, despite being one of the most wanted cases, NZXT H510 was and is relatively available everywhere. Good job NZXT!
I heard some legends and tales about NZXT cases and since I’ve never used one before, decided to give it a try and picked up this white version one.

In general, the case is very clean and minimalistic with a black and white color scheme. You can also get a fully black one or a black one with a red accent.
So, we have a tempered glass side panel with quite an awesome mounting. It’s just one thumbscrew at the back of the case that secures this side panel. As well as two plugs that keep this panel in place.
Though sometimes you need to apply some force in order to open it because these plugs keep your side panel quite hard.
Anyway, a glass hinges on an angle during removal. And so you can relax and not worry about it falling on your table or elsewhere.

On the other side, the panel is held by two thumbscrews and it has a stripe of perforated holes for your airflow. It’s covered by a removable dust filter from the inside, so it’s quite easy to clean it and keep your case dust-free.
Keep in mind you will have quite an average airflow compared to some mesh front panel cases since this is the only intake gap in H510 case. But for most mid-range systems it will be fine for sure.

At the bottom of the case, you have a removable power supply dust filter. I really like NZXT didn’t choose the cheapest filter system that other companies do.

Front IO panel

IO panel is very minimalistic: audio jack, 3rd gen USB type-c and type-a ports and a power button. And so it’s really nice to see USB Type-C here, especially when we have a bunch of devices and accessories using this type of connector.
I really like that the front panel connector is just in one place and so it’s way easier and faster to connect it to your motherboard.
But in case your motherboard has some kind of non-standard io panel connectors, NZXT included a splitter to make separate connectors as well.

PCI-e brackets are removable and held in place with screws as well as it’s possible to mount your GPU vertically by removing this bracket.


NZXT H510 has two included 120mm fans and the setup is for negative air pressure. Meaning one exhaust fan at the back and one at the top of the case. Fans are OK, but nothing special and can spin up to 1200 rpm.
So basically you are set, and no need to spend your budget on additional fans. But in case you decide to do so, you can mount 140mm fan at the top instead of an included fan. As well as a possibility to have 120mm radiator at the rear of the case.

The front fan or radiator mounting bracket piece is held by two thumbscrews, but I had a hard time removing it. Maybe just me, but it’s definitely something NZXT should look into when making an updated version of this case.
But the idea of such a mounting way is nice and easy versus some other cases where you have to remove the front panel in order to do so.
And so you can mount two 120mm fans, two 140mm fans or up to 280mm radiator at the front of this case.

Storage & Cable Management

I really like NZXT use those cable routing channels with loops. It makes it way easier to do better and more clean cable management. Some of you might think it doesn’t matter since no one will see them here.
But believe me, it’s way easier to manage everything especially when you are using RGB fans and LED strips and so you have tons of cables to cope with.

There are two 2.5-inch drive mounting points behind a motherboard tray. They are secured with one screw and can be removed quite easily. As well as you have a 3.5-inch drive bay down in the basement and you can mount up to 3 drives here.
It does not have any kind of quick-release mounting. So you will have to lie down your pc case and unscrew a drive cage from a bottom panel. But most likely you will be not swapping these drives every other day, so it’s kind of ok.
Also, you can reposition the drive bay so you have a bit of flexibility and extra room here.

Included Accessories

And here comes all the accessories included with NZXT H510 case:

  • Audio Jack splitter so you could use a front audio jack.
  • Some zip ties for your cable management
  • Screws and even more screws. But what I liked, all of them were marked so it’s really easy to follow included manual.
  • And a front panel connector adapter in case you can’t use all-in-one connector header.

Alright, let’s get through all the pros and cons of this case:


  • Clean design – this case has really minimalistic and clean design. And let’s not forget the possibility to choose from three different variations.
  • USB Type-C – no doubt, it’s really nice feature since there are external storage devices, various hubs, headphones using this type of connector.
  • Vertical GPU – it’s also possible to mount your GPU vertically, but you will need to get a special Rizer cable for that.
  • Solid build quality – even though it’s more of a budget case, it’s really well made and lots of small, but nice things like all removable filters, one front-panel connector and so on, makes it a good choice for its price.


  • Average airflow – it has some perforated holes at one side of the case only and it limits on how much air your intake fans can pass into a case. So possibly, you will have more or less negative air pressure.
  • Drive bay – 3.5-inch drive-bay does not have any quick release mounting so in order to add or remove 3.5-inch drives, you will have to lie down your case on one side and unscrew the whole cage from the bottom of the case.

All in all, it’s really nice looking and quality PC Case for its price. It was quite fun to build in this one and I bet I will be using more NZXT cases for upcoming PC builds.
And since this one is relatively available, it’s really worth considering for a budget pc build.

Links to Amazon

NZXT H510 White

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NZXT H510 Black

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