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Budget tempered glass PC case (under 50$) – DEEPCOOL E-SHIELD

A month ago, we had a chance to look into the cheapest tempered glass pc case DEEPCOOL Matrexx 30. Today, we are checking one more budget tempered glass chasey from a DEEPCOOL. This time it’s an ATX case called E-Shield. I know some of you missed an unboxing video of Matrexx 30 so please check at the bottom of this post. Since it’s no-brainer 23 EUR tempered glass chasey. Also, if you are interested in similar content, be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel so you do not miss upcoming videos. And let’s get started!


So this my friends, this is a budget tempered glass PC case DEEPCOOL E-SHIELD. It’s the second cheapest tempered glass case DEEPCOOL is making at only 31 EUR in my country and up to 50 EUR in other European countries. Around 49 dollars in Canada. But it was kind of hard to find e-shield in the US market, even though almost any other DEEPCOOL case is fairly available.

The case itself is 438 mm long, 210mm wide, and 477mm tall. The front of the case is a perforated plastic with a DEEPCOOL logo at the bottom as well as a room for your cd/DVD drive. It’s semi-transparent in case you plan to use RGB fans at the front.
Side pannel is fully solid, without any ridge, but as you are about to see, later on, you will have plenty of space for your cable management.
At the back of the case, you will find a place for your power supply, IO shield and it has 7 expansion slots covered by this removable bracket. Also, there is one included exhaust fan.

Moving to the top of the case and the first thing you can notice is a magnetic filter. You can easily take it off and quite frankly, lots of people do not use it just because most of the time, you will have exhaust fans installed at the top. And then you have a power button, your audio and mic, a few 2.0 and one 3.0 USB ports, and a reset button.
At the bottom you have just a simple mesh filter installed. The filter sits tight but I suspect, in case of a need it might be a bit of a challenge to remove and re-insert it nicely.

Tempered glass is 4 mm thick and is mounted with 4 thumbscrews. It covers almost the whole side of the case except the few centimeters of a front panel. Thumbscrews are quite standard and the rubber around them feels like a quality one. Also, there is some kind of soft rubber at the top and the bottom and so it protects the glass from touching a metal.

Fan Support

Let’s have a look inside. As I’ve mentioned before, this case has one included rear fan with a 3 pin header for your motherboard. And in total, you could install up to 6 fans: three 120mm or 140 mm fans at the front, two 120mm or 140 mm fans to the top, and one 120mm at the back of the case. Also, it’s quite friendly for liquid cooling systems. You can use up to 360 mm radiator at the front, up to 240 mm at the top, and a 120mm radiator at the back of the case. Having in mind it comes with one pre-installed fan, I would recommend adding at least one more fan to the front of the case.

GPU / CPU Cooler Support

DEEPCOOL E-SHIELD supports up to 370mm graphics card so you will not have any clearance surprises here as well as 168mm CPU cooler height. There are plenty of screws that come with a DEEPCOOL case like 6 additional motherboard stands, screws for additional fans or your SSDs.

Storage Support

At the bottom, a drive bay is located where you can install two 3.5 inch or two 2.5 inc drives. Also, there are additional mounting points for two more 2.5 inch drives. They are positioned to the right of the motherboard standoffs.

You will find an included super short case manual with case dimensions, specified included screws, fan, and rad mounting positions as well as case front panel components description. As you can see, we have quite a few cable management holes as well as 25 mm clearance for your cable management so there should be no issues here. After removing a front panel, it’s nice to see quite a few possibilities on how you can mount your fans or radiator.


But one thing I didn’t like here and I’m a bit disappointed – the quality and assembly of the front mesh filter. It doesn’t stick to plastic properly and there are lots of gaps from every side. It seems the filter has been screwed incorrectly so I hope I will be able to unscrew and tighten everything. But the thing is it’s not correctly made out of the box and so you would get some dust going around the dust filter. Other than that it’s a really exciting PC case. I will be using this one in my upcoming Gaming PC build under 200 EUR or dollars. This budget tempered glass PC case should be definitely under your radar, especially if the price in your country is around 31 EUR.

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