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Forget RTX 3070 and get $500 RTX 2080 Ti – I7-9700kf + RTX 2080 Ti Gaming PC Build

Currently, everyone is hyped about RTX 3080 and RTX 3070. But, I bet many of us can benefit from the current situation and build a super capable Gaming PC with RTX 2080 Ti.
Since tons of people started selling their graphics cards, including RTX 2080 Tis for as low as 500-600 us dollars.

So, I challenged the current situation and decided to build an Intel-based Gaming PC with you can say ex-flagship GPU.

RTX 3080 showed us pretty an impressive gains over RTX 2080 Ti, especially in 4k resolution. But just after it’s release, everyone faced availability issues and it seems it will last for a while.

Having such a situation, I’ve decided to Build a Gaming PC based on Intel platform paired with RTX 2080 Ti. Depending from a region, people got some crazy RTX 2080 Ti deals, since lots of guys were selling their GPUs for 500 to 600 bucks.

And I saw some guys sharing they got their 2080 Ti for as low as $400 us dollars. So, is it a good idea to grab a similar deal? I guess it depends, but I will share how a similar system performs in various titles.
I will be building this Gaming PC, then sharing each component I’ve used with some alternative ones you could possibly look for and benchmarking Games using 1440p and 4k resolutions. Let’s start our journey!

PC Building

It’s really amazing looking PC. And so, let’s check all the parts I’ve used in this build. It’s one of a few Intel systems I’ve built on this channel.


It’s an I7-9700kf, 3.6 GHz as a base clock and 4.9 GHz as a boost clock 8 core CPU.
Even if it’s not amazingly good at productivity tasks, this CPU manages to get a really nice framerates.
Currently, It’s around $300 new, but you should check the used market for a better deal or even checking out for an i7-8700k since I saw a few deals for around $250 bucks.

CPU Cooler

I’ve used DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX L120 V2 AOI. It can handle stock CPU with no troubles.
But in case you want to play around with overclocking, I would suggest spending $20-$30 bucks more and get 240mm AIO or spend the same budget on a good air cooler.


MSI Z370 a-PRO is quite a basic motherboard model, but It’s one of the best models from a budget z370 lineup and can handle a decent overclocking. Especially if you can find used one for a good price.
Although have in mind, you will need to update bios in case you want to use Z370 with a 9700kf, so you should consider z390 as it’s supporting Intel 9th gen out of the box.


Then I’ve used 32gb of Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro. It’s a nice looking ram sticks rated at 3200mhz. But in most cases, you can stick to 16GB of memory. And in my case, I’ve used all 4 sticks just to make it look nicer.

Graphics Card

One of the most important parts – MSI RTX 2080 Ti Gaming X Trio. While we are experiencing a bit of chaos in a GPU market, you can definitely look for a nice 2nd hand graphics card deals (e.g,,
Yep, NVIDIA is planning to release RTX 3070 soon for around 500 us dollars. But having in mind RTX 3080 case, we can expect a similar stock shortage and there are a few more questions related to 3070 performance.
Anyway, in case you can get RTX 2080 Ti for $500 or even less, from my perspective, it’s a nice deal.


Moving forward to our storage – I will be using Adata XPG SX8200 PRO 512 GB NVME SSD as a boot drive and an additional Crucial MX500 1TB SATA SSD.
But a storage combo is really up to you since you can get a much bigger 4 TB Hard drive as your secondary storage device for pretty much the same price.

Power Supply

As for a power supply, I’m using Corsair RM750. It’s a gold-certified modular PSU and I would really recommend getting decent power supply for a similar build. You should be OK with a 650watt model unless you are planning to overclock your CPU and GPU.
I’ve measured a power draw of this system and it was consuming around 120watts when idle and up to 490watts when benchmarking games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey or Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Sleeved Cables

A huge thanks to a 1STPLAYER since they sent me this cable extension kit. It’s a 1st time I’m using their kit in my builds and I have to say it looks quite amazing.
I really like this kit includes lots of cable combs. And that makes way easier to maintain a cable bends and clean looks.
By the way, I will leave a link to all of these parts in the description below.


Deepcool RF120m fans. I just can’t miss adding 5 of them to any Gaming PC Build. Especially when you can improve your case airflow and achieve quite a stunning looks.

PC Case

And lastly, I’ve used DEEPCOOL CL500 PC case. It’s a unique looking and one of the latest cases released just a month ago. I’m already working on a separate CL500 review video and will share a link at the top right corner.


Alright, let’s jump into some benchmarks. All of the games were tested in 1440p and 4k resolutions using Ultra or MAX settings presets. Meaning in case you play with competitive settings, you will get quite a bigger FPS numbers.

It’s not a surprise RTX 2080 Ti and i7-9700kf combo managed to get some impressive numbers. Having in mind lots of guys want to upgrade, you can possibly get a nice 2nd hand deals on 8th or 9th gen intel as well on RTX 2000 series GPUs.
I believe RTX 3070 will be quite a similar performer as 2080 Ti. But as always, there are some pros and cons in both cases.

I mean if you can get 2080 Ti for less than $500, you do not need to wait months for a possibility to get RTX 3070 as well as you get an additional 3GB of VRAM. And we do not actually know what’s the real performance of this new product yet.
But on the other hand, if you can wait, you can get a new product with a much longer warranty and (hopefully) the same performance.

I hope you guys enjoyed this Gaming PC build and you can find even more stunning Builds by visiting here.

Gaming PC links @ Amazon

i7-9700k –
Deepcool GAMMAXX L120 V2 –
MSI Z370-A PRO –
Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB –
RTX 2080 Ti – check 2nd hand deals on or Facebook Marketplace.
Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 512GB –
Crucial MX500 1TB –
Corsair RM750x –
1STPLAYER Sleeved Extension Kit –
Deepcool RF120m (5pack) –
Deepcool CL500 –

Disclosure: EpicGameTech gets a small commission when you purchase something via our Amazon links. It doesn’t cost you anything extra since that comes from Amazon’s end. So, please be aware, the links provided to Amazon are affiliate links.

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