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Fully modular PSU – UNBOXING Corsair RM750x gold power supply

Today I will be doing an unboxing of Corsair RM750x power supply. This PSU can supply 750 watts of continuous power, is fully modular and has a ZERO rpm fan mode. Also, it has an 80 PLUS® Gold certificate.

Corsair provides some basic info on its box, for example, what kind of cables are included and how many, some features listed, etc. On the back of the box, you will find its specifications, efficiency, and fan noise curves. Now, let’s open it up and feel the power.

First things first – manual and safety instructions are in a few common languages. Then we have a power cable and some zip ties. All the cables are packed in a storage bag – so you would be able to keep your unused cables organized later on.

Cables that are included with Corsair power supply:

  • One 24 pin ATX
  • Three SATA cables
  • Two 8 pin PCIe
  • Two 8 pin EPS cables for your super hungry CPU
  • Two Molex
  • And a Molex to 4 pin floppy adaptor

A power supply is well packed and it has its own bag as well. In general, this power supply is quite pricey but nothing fancy from a visual perspective. But hey, it will be able to provide tons of power for your rig for sure. Should you buy one? It’s up to you to decide, but I would recommend it only for power-hungry overclockable CPUs and high-end GPU combos. Worth mentioning – Corsair provides 10 years warranty for this power supply.

I will leave a link to an official Corsair website and Amazon where you can grab one for yourself.
In case you are looking for a bit cheaper (but not cheap) PSU, you can check my unboxing video on Corsair RM750 model here –
May the power be with you.

Link @ Amazon

Corsair RM750x –

Corsair official website

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