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be quiet! Dark Rock 4 – Unboxing and sound test

Today we will be unboxing one of the popular air coolers – Be quiet! Dark Rock 4. On the front side of the box, you can find some key marketing facts, such as 200w TDP, high end and etc. More technical information is listed on the back – dimensions, noise levels, socket compatibility and more. Also, you can find more marketing/feature-based info on the side.

Let’s take a look at what we have inside. The first item on top is 135 mm PWM fan. Since it’s a bit bigger than most of the standard cooler fans – it will be able to spin slower and achieve lower noise levels. At 100% speed, it should stay under 21.4dB(A). Stay tuned since we will check our sound recording test a bit later.

One more small box where you can find documentation in a few common languages as well as mounting accessories for a fan and a heatsink. You can find a mounting for an additional 120 mm fan, in case you want to run a push-pull configuration. Just keep in mind, you need to order additional fan separately. Everything is prepared and packed to separate bags – one for the Intel platform another one for AMD and a separate bag for thermal paste plus coolers mounting bridge.

Ok, it’s time to take a look at our beautiful heatsink. Just after you take this thing out of the box, you will find a screwdriver. It’s nice and you don’t have to own any tools for assembling this. Worth to mention it has a magnetic tip so it’s even easier.

The heatsink looks nice and feels premium. It has black-mate color and as Be quiet states, it’s a special coating with ceramic particles. Paired with six copper heat pipes it makes a perfect transfer of heat possible. As a result, Be quiet! Dark Rock 4 cooler can handle up to 200 watts TDP.

We used this cooler in one of our builds and recorded sound levels with a mic at different fan speeds. Case and GPU fans were turned off, but there was some little background noise coming from our PSU which we couldn’t control. It might seem that 100% fan load is really noisy, but you will hear me quietly whispering test so you could compare it. You can check the noise in one of our videos –

To sum up – Be quiet! Dark Rock 4 is a good-looking premium CPU cooler and most likely you want to use it on overclockable processors or more premium-looking non-OC let’s say i7’s / i9’s builds.

I hope this information was somewhat useful and see you next time.

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be quiet! Dark Rock 4 –

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