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GTX 1080 Ti in 2020? Worth to upgrade from GTX 1070?

Welcome back to Epic Game Tech. In one of my last videos, we all witnessed CPU upgrade from i5 to i7 and it was giving just a little bump in-game FPS. So today, I’ve decided to upgrade my GPU from GTX 1070 to GTX 1080 Ti. But how much of the difference we will get in-game and other benchmarks? Is GTX 1080 Ti performing well enough in 2020? Let’s find out.

The Upgrade

Actually, I was not only upgrading to GTX 1080 Ti but also moved the whole system to its a new case and swapped some parts as well. I wanted to achieve a white build with good airflow for a while now. That’s why Meshify C from Fractal Design is awesome. It’s a high-quality case with really good airflow, even though it’s quite a compact mATX case. When I saw this CPU cooler, I knew I need to get it for this build. I’ve never seen this brand before and it’s really hard to pronounce it. I will not even try.

OK, maybe I will, just for you guys – “Alpenföhn EKL Brocken 3“. Normally, you would want to mound all of your fans before you put your motherboard in, but I got these PCCOOLER Halo RGB fans just after a week or so. And I really recommend these fans since they are quite cheaper than well-known brands and deliver pretty much the same quality and super awesome looks. You can check my unboxing video here –
Also, I had to use a hacksaw to make a case modification, since I wanted to use a third intake fan at the front. GPU also needed some touch and so I’ve sprayed it with white paint in order to finish the looks of this build.


Let’s check it out, how much of the performance I’ve gained by upgrading from GTX 1070. At first, I will run through a few 3Dmark benchmarks and then some games. For a few tests, I have the data using both video cards and I did quite some benchmarks using GTX 1080 Ti only. This is how a final pc setup looks like and you will find links to all the parts I’m using in today’s build below this post.

First, I will run through some 3DMark benchmarks.

  • In the 3DMark Fire Strike, we got quite an impressive 28 percent higher score on GTX 1080 ti. Nothing to add here.
  • One more 3DMark benchmark – Time Spy. Unfortunately, I didn’t test this one on my GTX 1070 and so I got 9562 points on my GTX 1080ti.
    Any of you guys have a Time Spy benchmark score using GTX 1070 or GTX 1080 Ti? Please post it in a comment section below so we could compare it.

Let’s have a look at gaming results. In total, I’ve tested 9 games.

  • Starting with Apex Legends numbers and they impressed me quite a bit – 45% increase in average FPS and 48% in 1% lows. This is a title I play myself and one of the reasons I’ve upgraded to a better GPU
    since my goal was to maintain 144 fps ore more in this game. So I’m really happy with such results.
  • The next game I’ve tested with both video cards is a World of Tanks. The performance gains were even more impressive almost 60% in average FPS and 34% in 1% lows. I bet World of tanks players love GTX 1080tis as-well.

From here, I will present only GTX 1080 Ti numbers and how it’s performing in various esports and more demanding titles.

  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider performance was really good 121 fps on average and 68 fps as 1% lows. I bet many of you guys can play 1440p or even 4k with some settings adjustments just fine.
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – one of the most demanding titles I’ve tested. At 1080p I’ve got only 76 fps on average and 53 fps as 1% lows.
  • Far cry New Dawn – quite a similar performance to a Shadow of the Tomb Raider title. 112 fps on average and 83 fps as 1% lows gives you a nice experience on Ultra settings. I bet on 1440p you could keep the same settings and would not lose too much of the performance.
  • Coming up next a few esports titles starting with a Fortnite. On Epic settings I’ve got 160 fps on average and 103 fps as 1% lows. So if you play on 144hz monitor you will definitely like GTX 1080 ti performance.
  • We all know you do not need such a high-end GPU to run CSGO, but I’ve included this benchmark in case you play on a 240hz monitor and you need crazy FPS numbers. Here you go, 340 fps on average.
  • Another less demanding game League of Legends. But strangely enough, I’ve got only 252 fps on average. I’ve noticed a game was using only 25% of my CPU and barely 20% of a GPU. I bet there is some kind of game engine limitation even though I removed FPS capping.
  • Rocket League – these numbers completely blow everything – 450 fps on average and 321 fps as 1% lows. I’m not sure if pro players use a 240hz monitor for this game, but it’s definitely hitting a roof.

Final Words

Well, the results speak for themselves. I’m really happy with gaming performance. As I’ve stated in my CPU upgrade video, by upgrading a CPU from i5-8400 to i7 I gained just a few percentage performance gains in gaming, but upgrading GPU can bring you twenty, forty, or even more percent in FPS gains. That’s because most of the games are GPU bound, not all of them, but a lot. Make no mistake, the best way is to build a balanced system with the right CPU and GPU combo. But I can definitely say, that GTX 1080 Ti is still rocking and can be definitely used in 2020 for any of the triple-A games.

Thanks for stopping by, and checking my post! In case you want to watch my video, I’ve embedded YouTube below. Consider subscribing if you liked it and see you soon.

Links to Amazon

New video cards
EVGA RTX 2070 Super (US) (UK)

EVGA RTX 2080 Super (US) (UK)

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO @ 3200 MHz (2×8 GB) (US) (UK)

Adata XPG SX8200 PRO (US) (UK)

Corsair RM750 (US – RM750x model) (UK)

Fractal Design Meshify C (tempered glass) (US) (UK)

Alpenföhn EKL Brocken 3
Not available in the US (UK)

PCCOOLER Halo RGB fans (US) (UK)

Disclosure: EpicGameTech gets a small commission when you purchase something via our Amazon links. It doesn’t cost you anything extra since that comes from Amazon’s end. So, please be aware, the links provided to Amazon are affiliate links.

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