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Insane Full Tower RGB PC Case – Anidees AI CRYSTAL XL PRO

Wow, I can only say wow. It feels like… mmm you better check it out how tiny is my Meshify C compared to this!
As you might guess already, today I have a Full Tower case called AI CRYSTAL XL PRO from Anidees.

And so, if you are building a workstation, custom water cooling loop or just want to have a massive and impressive PC case with lots of customization capabilities, this is a video for you.
But if this is your first time on this channel, On Epic Game Tech I share my passion in Gaming PC Build videos, unboxing parts and helping you guys by posting simple how-to guides.

So, this is AI CRYSTAL XL PRO from Anidees. These guys were cool enough to send me a case for this overview. A massive shout out to them!
And so, I would like to say, I was impressed by its size already, as it’s the 1st Full tower PC case I have on my channel.


It has a somewhat industrial style look and it comes with 5 addressable RGB fans as-well-as two LED strips included. Tempered glass covers more than two 3rds of a side panel as a part of a panel is dedicated for air vents covered with a magnetic dust filter. It’s held by two standard thumbscrews.

At the back, we have one of the included RGB fans as-well-as 10 PCI slots + two for a vertical GPU mount. These PCI brackets are removable and held in place with screws. In order to install a power supply, you need to remove a bracket and mount to a PSU first.

The other side panel has vents for your fans and a standard removable magnetic dust filter. It’s also held by a few thumbscrews.

The front of the case. And we have quite an interesting setup here. You have a possibility to use a high airflow mesh or a tempered glass front panel. But actually even a mesh panel looks really good in my opinion.

Both panels are included with a case so it’s up to you, which one you want to use. It’s really easy to switch them – just push the top of the panel.
Tempered glass is slightly tinted and gives you a nice and clean look. And here is how different panels look like with 4 included RGB Fans ON.
In case you decide to use a tempered glass panel, there are some air vents at each side. However, it might limit case airflow. But I’m quite sure it will be not an issue since we have so many different fan configurations you can use in this case.

At the bottom, we have a removable dust filter. So the whole bottom of the case is airflow-friendly. Especially it can help to bring fresh air to your GPU as you will see later.

At the top, there is one more removable dust filter with a wide range of fan configuration possibilities. The I/O has:

  • Four 3rd gen USB type-a ports
  • Mic and audio jacks
  • Reset button
  • As well as a power button

What’s interesting, you can use USB 2.0 connector instead of USB 3, in case you have only one 3rd gen USB header on your motherboard. I actually had a similar situation a few months ago.

Motherboard Support

This case supports all known and unknown form factor motherboards:

  • Mini ITX
  • Micro ATX
  • ATX
  • E-ATX
  • XL-ATX
  • And a few more


What about fans and rads? Well, you have 5 stock RGB fans as-well-as you can mount 15 additional 120mm fans. 20 fans in total – that’s really crazy.
In case you choose to add 140mm fans instead, you can mount 9 of them in different locations.
Radiator support is also quite insane – up to 480mm radiators at the front and top of the case. 120mm or 140mm rad at the back, up to 360 radiator at the right side bracket and up to 360mm rad on a PSU shroud.
Such a setup gives you tons of possibilities, especially for custom loop builders.

Depending on your build – say you are doing an amazing custom water loop or just you need as much space as you can possibly get, you can customize a lot and remove most of the parts from this case.
Like this, this, or this.


Also, similar to a cooling setup, you have lots of possibilities with your storage. You can mount a few 3.5 inc or 2.5inc drives on top of the PSU shroud as well as 12 drives at the front of the case.
But you will need to get additional brackets since only 2 of them are included.
And even more, you have a drive bay under a PSU shroud where you can fit two drives and a few more 2.5-inch mounting positions behind a motherboard tray. It’s like a storage vault.


AI CRYSTAL XL PRO case comes with a few included accessories:

  • And so, we have lots of screws, and I mean it.
  • Additional motherboard standoffs.
  • Metal plate for mounting a radiator on the PSU shroud/
  • Quite a few zip ties
  • Two extension cables for an included LED strips
  • And a remote control for your RGB lights.

Speaking of LED strips. There are two 14-inch or 36cm LED strips that can be connected together if you wish so. They have a few embed magnets so you can easily install them anywhere. But they come with a sticky tape as-well.
You need to connect them to an included fan hub. This is where all of the included RGB fans are connected as-well and in total, it supports up to 8 Anidees fans. But have in mind, you will not be able to connect other-brand RGB fans to the same hub. Also, you have a possibility to move this hub around since it’s using a few magnets as well.

PC Build

And its time for you to witness a PC build and see what look you can achieve with Anidees Full Tower case.

It looks really amazing with all of these fans and LED strips. But I bet it could look even better with a nice custom water loop.
But here comes a price tag. It’s quite an expensive case in the end. And I get it, it’s not for everyone. Probably, you would want to use a similar case in a build for 3000 us dollars or more. And even then, I do not think it’s for a Gaming machine.
As I mentioned at the beginning of this video, It’s more likely for a nice-looking workstation, or a custom loop builder as it provides a huge space to work with. But is it worth buying?

Well, it’s my 1st encounter with a Full Tower case. That’s why it’s more of an overview video since I do not have any similar caliber case to compare to. But I hope to have more of Full Tower cases so I could provide reviews to you guys in the future.

What do you think about this case? Please share your thoughts in a comment section under my video. maybe you already tried AI CRYSTAL XL PRO case? Or you own any other Full tower case and you could share your experience is it worth going BIG.

Thank you so much for checking my blog post and see you soon.

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