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Cheap and awesome RGB fans – PCCOOLER Halo RGB – UNBOXING

Hello guys, today I will be unboxing PCCOOLER Halo RGB 120 millimeter case fans. These fans are really good alternatives to well-known Corsair, Thermaltake, or any other premium and expensive brands. I’ve ordered six of them from Aliexpress for my white-themed build.


Box itself looks nice, doesn’t seem to be cheap stuff from China. Fans come with a package of screws and connectors for different use cases.

In case you do not have RGB sync on your motherboard, you can use included three-button RGB controller. You will be able to change mode, speed, and brightness. RGB pins are safely covered with plastic cover so they would not bend during a shipping process.

In case you are doing this for the first time, a quick installation guide with pictures will help you out. It’s quite simple and easy to understand what adaptors you need to use and where to connect everything.

Black frame with rubber pads for better vibration absorption. Blades are made from semi-transparent white plastic. Since you have the possibility to control the fan speed, these boys can spin anywhere from 1000 up to 2000 rpm.

Accessories / Connectors

PCCOOLER Halo RGB fans come with two wires – one is an RGB header another one is 4pin PWM header. You will need to connect 4pin RGB headers to this dedicated splitter so, in the end, you will have one 4pin RGB header you can connect to your motherboard or included RGB controller. Also, there is an included adapter specifically dedicated to a Gigabyte motherboard.
Pretty much the same story connecting your 4pin PWM fan headers – just use included cable splitter and you will end up with one 4pin PWM fan header for your motherboard.


Fan size: 120x120x25mm
Fan voltage: 12VDC
RGB interface: there are two options 12V/4pin or 5V/3pin
Fan current: 0.22-0.39A
Fan speed: 1000-2000 RPM ± 10%
Fan air volume: 72CFM
Fan noise: 29.1dBA ± 10%

Final Words

In general, I’m quite impressed with PCCOOLER Halo RGB fans. They are a super good value for the money being priced twice or three times cheaper than big brands and still delivering good quality and fancy RGB lights to your chasey. In my personal rig, I’ve replaced two default case fans with six of these beauties and they look amazing. Also, since three of them are mounted as intake and three of them as exhaust, I’ve noticed around five degrees lower CPU and GPU temperature. In case you want to grab these for yourself, I will leave a link to Aliexpress shop and technical specifications below.

All in all, these fans are definitely worth it and I recommend them for any RGB hungry rig owner. Thanks for stopping by, and checking my unboxing blog! In case you want to check it in a video format – I will include a link to my video below.

I hope you enjoyed this post see you soon.

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